Our objective is to advance the PA profession with a specific focus on advocating for PA Women.

We will uplift, support, and empower women in the PA profession to have visibility within their organizations and opportunities for advancement. We will ask past leaders to advise and grow powerful women leadership at the local, state, national and educational levels.

We are committed to sponsor, mentor and cultivate the next generation of pacesetters by empowering women to become leaders and become strong voices within the PA profession.

Through mentorship, community, education and resources, we will support PAs at every stage of their careers, so they can improve the health outcomes of their patients.

We will also advocate for all in the PA profession so that the profession remains a strong and open place and evolves to match the changes taking place in healthcare and medicine in general. A stronger PA profession will create stronger practitioners. 

Our Vision: To promote the rise of women in healthcare and leadership. It is observed that women are under-represented in leadership positions and some career pathways, leading to inequality. We are devoted to bridging the gap between gender and leadership, eliminating barriers in the PA and medical profession to end gender inequality. We are also committed to helping create women clinicians who know and understand their power in our healthcare system. This can only be done through mentorship and education.

A 501c6 Non-Profit Organization

Caucus Affiliated with the American Academy of PAs

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone else planted a tree years ago.”

— Warren Buffett

Our Founding Members:
  • Jena Morcelle
  • Shameice fischer
  • Raquelle Akavan
  • Tehila Sabo
  • Laura Record
  • Katerina Dons
  • Maddison Heyn
  • Megan Widener
  • Kayla Simpson
  • Arlene Cai
  • Bethany Grubb
  • Regina Gurley
  • Jackie Huff
  • Courtney Ledbetter
  • Andrea Schraith
  • Lauren Siy-Keane
  • Nora Frempong
  • Genevieve Melberth
  • Jennifer Mayer
  • Andora Azabache Brown
  • Elisa Hernandez-Hock
  • Candice Macari
  • Shannon Layton
  • Melissa D’Alessandro
  • Stevie Stewart
  • Christy Lejkowski
  • Erin Lunn
  • Lavette Shirley Elee
  • Heather Davis Lopez
  • Natalie McAnarney
  • Anita See
  • Jessie Ferrell
  • Tiffany Johnson
  • Hina Mazharuddin
  • Venee Cunningham
  • Yelena Brambila
  • Tiffany Wimsatt
  • Ilaria Gadalla
  • Monica Ward
  • Carol Watson
  • Cheryl Glick
  • Heather Trudeau
  • Julie Doyle
  • Heather Gates
  • Tracey Piparo
  • Deanna Najera
  • Charmeen Wilkes
  • Amanda Shelley
  • Charishma Nayyar
  • Lisa W.
  • Carolyn DeWalden
  • Ashley McClary
  • Kris Pyles-Sweet
  • Shannon Urena
  • Nguyen Park
  • Tonia Hanson
  • Erin Kennedy
  • David Mittman
  • Joy Moverley
  • Jordan Roberts
  • Nicole Schtupak
  • Shepard Stone
  • Lindsay Nourse
  • Caroline Little
  • Sarah Hughes
  • Anna Verde
  • Kaitlin Ahlskog
  • Margaret Burger
  • Emily Taylor
  • Amanda McCurdy
  • Breanna Voigt
  • Johanna Moses
  • Amanda Boyer
  • Kelsey Hopping
  • Kimberly Powell
  • Catie Lewis
  • Christine Lee
  • Dara Wotherspoon
  • Jennifer Hawkins
  • Kimberly Shenuk
  • Erica Murray
  • Erika Tse
  • Binayah Jernigan
  • Joni Ricketts
  • Tara Villano
  • Heather Dono
  • Karina Arrelucea
  • LaKeissa Driver-Phillips
  • Erika Yonker
  • Serena Kalish
  • Rachel Weinzimmer
  • Olushola Ilogho
  • Terah Stiell
  • Jill Absher
  • Christine Baldwin
  • Elizabeth Garone
  • Victoria Bassingthwaite
  • Lauren Rogers
  • Josey Barmore

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